Scholarly Papers Presented by Honors Research Students

Twenty-one juniors and seniors in Honors English Research class recently completed scholarly papers in a wide variety of fields, from computer science to interior design.

Honors Research is a one-semester interdisciplinary high school course that teaches students how to conduct in-depth academic research and formulate independent, scholarly arguments. Motivated students have the opportunity both to study a subject they are passionate about and to prepare themselves for university-level work. Students first choose a social, historical, scientific, or literary problem that interests them, then learn how to locate, read, organize, and evaluate various forms of scholarly sources. Students also learn how to use their findings to develop a structured, thesis-driven research paper—followed by a TED-talk style presentation that distills and defends their argument. 
English Instructor Ms. Domzalski hosted their capstone event, a virtual professional conference, at which each student briefly discussed the results of his or her research. Below is a sampling of their thought-provoking presentations:

  • How Human Psychology Affects the Stock Market – Jack Hirsch '22
  • A Natural Alternative to Modern Medicine: An In-Depth Look at Psilocybin – John Branca '21
  • Education for the Communities by the Communities – Abdullah Rafique '21
  • Acting out your Anxiety: Drama Therapy for Adolescents Struggling with Mental Health and PTSD – Eden Ornstein '21
  • Women's Safety and Self-Defense – Tara Lala '22
  • Our Interiors Are an Insight into Our Brains: Interior Design and its Emotional Effects on Hospitals – Alexandra Fovos '22
  • The Economics of Health: Bringing Down the Burden of Cost in the U.S. – Rachel Oduntan '21
  • The Eyes or the Ears: Reshaping Education for Visual and Verbal Learners – Grace Prabhu ‘21
  • From Rags to Riches: The Money that Comes with Reaching England's Topflight of Professional Football – Mariano Del Castillo '22
  • Childhood Trauma: The Impacts and How to Treat It – Daphne Wayans '21
  • Crushing Classical Computers: The Race for Quantum Supremacy – Youbin Cho '21
  • Shooting from Downtown: How the 3-Point Shot Changed Basketball Forever – Dann Pierce '22
  • Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare: The Benefits of Sleep for Adolescents and the Consequences of a Lack Thereof – Alex Nixon '21
  • The Use of Yoga Therapy to Treat General Anxiety Disorder in Adolescents – Jessica Guan '22
  • The Complexity of Bipolar Disorder – Angelo Pulido '22
  • "I See Both Sides Like Chanel": Frank Ocean's Rejections of Hypermasculinity in Hip Hop & Contemporary R&B – Sydney Schneider '22
  • A Chinese Educational Revolution: Making Education More Diverse – Terry Yuan '22
  • The Failure of the U.S. Healthcare System to Provide for Lower-Income Individuals – Nikol Daglaroglu '21
  • How Social Media Affects Its Users – Nala Henderson '22
  • A Villainous Virus: COVID-19's Heavy Impact on Adolescent Mental Health – Tanner Nott '21
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