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Experiential learning is an integral part of a Sierra Canyon education. Central to the School's mission is the belief that students should be given opportunities to investigate the world beyond the four walls of the classroom and to let that world inform the knowledge they are gaining from traditional coursework.

In Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, teachers plan a variety of field trips within school hours to extend ideas discussed in the classroom. Beginning in 3rd Grade, extended trips are introduced. These experiences enhance the curriculum and teach students the importance of group living, leadership, independence, and team-building skills.

The following are examples of extended, beyond-the-classroom experiences:

Celebration - 3rd grade beyond the classroom experience

3rd Grade
TripIndigenous Peoples Celebration
LocationThe Leonis Adobe Museum and Sierra Canyon Lower Campus
Duration8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
PurposeStudy of Indigenous Peoples Culture
4th Grade
TripCalifornia Missions
LocationSolvang, California
Duration1 Night/ 2 Days
PurposeCalifornia History                                           

Solvang Mission - 4th grade beyond the classroom experience

Pali Institute - 5th grade beyond the classroom experience

5th Grade
TripPali Institute
LocationRunning Springs, California
Duration2 Nights/ 3 Days
PurposeTeam Building, Leadership, and Outdoor Education
6th Grade
TripOlympic Park Institute (OPI)
LocationOlympic Rainforest, Washington
Duration4 Nights/ 5 Days
PurposeTeam Building, Leadership, Outdoor Education, and Ecology of Rainforest Studies

Olympic Park Institute - 6th grade beyond the classroom experience

Camp Surf - 7th grade beyond the classroom experience

7th Grade
TripCamp Surf
LocationSan Diego, California
Duration3 Nights/ 4 Days
PurposeCommunity Building, Outdoor Education, Ocean Awareness and Conservancy
8th Grade
TripOur Nation’s Capital
LocationWashington, D.C.
Duration4 Nights/ 5 Days
PurposeUnited States History, Government, and Community Building

Our Nation's Capital Trip - 8th grade beyond the classroom experience