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Visual Arts


By nurturing both creative and critical thinking, the Visual Arts Department at Sierra Canyon provides the tools for students to foster their artistic expression and inspire innovation.

Visual Arts
Standards & Curriculum

Each Visual Arts course strives to develop student skills in Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Historical and Cultural Context, Aesthetic Valuing, Connections, Relations and Applications. These standards nurture critical and creative thinking skills and enable students to become independent learners who can adapt and apply knowledge to a wide variety of situations.

While the Lower Campus Visual Arts curriculum introduces fundamental knowledge to students at an age appropriate level, the Upper Campus offers advanced courses for students who wish to develop work for college applications, art school applications, or personal advancement. Students who wish to develop an Advanced Placement Portfolio choose their area of specialization by 11th grade and take Advanced Placement Studio Art in the 12th grade.

Two girls in a Sierra Canyon visual arts program classroom, creating clay sculptures together.

Visual Arts Team