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Middle School (Grades 7–8)


The Middle School program challenges students and encourages them to take maximum advantage of educational opportunities as doors are opened to new ideas that evoke curiosity and the desire to explore.

Lindsay Koss, Director of Grades 7-9

Learning forward Through the Middle School Years
Grades 7–8

During the Middle School years, your child experiences thrilling, sometimes bewildering changes as they transition from a child into a teenager. At Sierra Canyon, we have designed our Middle School program to help students effectively direct all their inquisitive energy, while helping build the academic, social, and emotional skills to thrive as a learner and individual.

Our Middle School students have a dedicated quad just for them on our sweeping, sunlit Upper Campus. Sharing the facilities with students in Grades 9 through 12 gives your child a first-hand glimpse of what lies ahead while feeling firmly grounded in their own close-knit community. Designing an original physics experiment to demonstrate angular momentum, trying a hand at improv comedy, exploring Washington, D.C. with teachers and classmates, or launching a fundraiser to buy supplies for a neighborhood school, your child grows as a unique human being and member of a larger society.

By the end of 8th Grade, your child has become an impressively self-aware, self-advocating, and self-directed young person—primed to succeed in our Upper School and to make a significant difference in the wider world.

Want to learn more? We invite you to examine our curriculum in Grades 7–8 and schedule a Middle School tour.

Middle School students sitting at a table outside with computers collaborating on Sierra Canyon academics.


Fine Arts1.5
Physical Education2.0
Human Development0.5
World Languages2.0



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