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Student government teaches our students that they can make a difference at Sierra Canyon, preparing them for future leadership roles in the wider community. Our student leaders are vital in linking the student body to the administration, promoting positive change, and organizing community-building events. Meet the following students who have been elected by their peers to lead the Associate Student Body (Upper Campus) and Student Council (Lower Campus).

Lower Campus
Student Council

Student Council provides the opportunity for students to develop and make decisions about activities and projects that will be enjoyable and beneficial to the student body. In addition to school spirit events, Student Council plans philanthropic or service projects in which all students may participate.

Beginning in 3rd grade, each homeroom elects a representative. Students in 5th and 6th grade are eligible to hold an office, however, the positions of President and Vice President are reserved for 6th grade students.

Upper Campus
Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body (ASB) plays a vital role in linking the student body to the administration. This year, ASB comprises 18 elected members, with President George Z. '24 (12th Grade) and Vice President Melissa E. '25 (11th Grade) helping coordinate events.

ASB is a student-led organization that fosters leadership skills, school spirit, and community involvement. These organized events enhance the overall student experience at Sierra Canyon School. Additionally, ASB ensures that the student's voice is considered when administrative decisions are being made.

Meet Our Student Leadership!

Upper Campus Student Leadership

Lower Campus Student Leadership