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Financial Aid FAQs

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • How many Sierra Canyon families receive Financial Aid?

    While it varies yearly, approximately 30% of Sierra Canyon families receive financial assistance.
  • Is there a separate financial aid application?

    The financial aid application process is separate and distinct, running concurrently with the admission application process. Families interested in applying for financial aid must submit a financial aid application in addition to their admission application. The financial aid application is available starting on September 1, 2023 and is due on January 12, 2024. It requires supplemental documents that must also be uploaded by January 12. While an admission application must be filled out for each student applying to the school, one financial aid application can cover all students of the same family, as long as they are listed within the application.  
  • Does Sierra Canyon offer scholarships?

    Sierra Canyon is committed to maintaining socioeconomic diversity in its community. While there are no academic, athletic, or other merit-based scholarships at Sierra Canyon, financial aid is granted to families who demonstrate need through our financial aid application. 
  • Does applying for financial aid reduce my child's chances of admission?

    The Admission Committee makes its decisions independently and is committed to admitting and enrolling as many qualified students as possible. However, since financial aid resources are finite, we are unable to award financial aid to all families who apply.
  • How is financial aid determined?

    The Financial Aid Committee uses School and Student Services (SSS) to determine what a family is expected to contribute toward educational expenses. The SSS methodology considers such things as taxable and non-taxable income, assets, and investments and makes allowances for daily living expenses. The formula also considers family size and the number of children attending tuition-charging schools. The Sierra Canyon Financial Aid Committee makes final decisions on all awards. 
  • How do I know if my family would qualify for aid?

    Every situation is unique, and many factors determine a family's financial need, including income, assets, and the number of children in tuition-paying schools. Consequently, it is impossible to set income guidelines determining who will qualify. If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances, please contact Kendall Pillsbury at (818) 882-8121, ext. 1142.
  • Can I wait until after my child is admitted to request financial aid?

    Unfortunately, because the financial aid budget is finite and assistance often spans multiple years, the school does not award aid to families who did not apply for aid at the time of admission. Exceptions to this policy are made only in the case of significant unforeseen changes in a family's financial circumstances. 
  • What if parents are divorced, separated, or never married?

    If a child's parents are divorced, separated, or have never been married, the Admission Committee must still consider the income and assets of both legal parents. We cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed legally or otherwise any responsibility for educational expenses. Complete information from both legal parents must be submitted. Requests to not consider a missing parent's assets must be confirmed by a third party, usually associated with the court. If either parent has remarried, we will consider the income and assets of the stepparent, always keeping in mind the obligation of that stepparent to their own children. If either parent lives in a household with another adult, we may consider that person's assets. 
  • How is the financial assistance application handled if one parent has chosen not to work and be a stay-at-home parent?

    If a family has children over the age of six, it is expected that both parents are employed if they are applying for financial aid. If one parent chooses not to work, then a full-time income equivalent to tuition will be imputed to account for the income a parent could earn by choosing to work. Each application is evaluated individually, and exceptions to this policy may occur if a parent is disabled or ill and cannot work or is caring for a child, parent, or grandparent with a disability or illness. 
  • When do I find out if I qualify for financial aid?

    Students who apply and qualify for financial aid and are offered admission to Sierra Canyon will be notified on March 8, 2024. The admission decision email will be sent at 5:00 p.m., and the award will be posted in the enrollment agreement. Students who are offered admission but do not qualify for financial aid will be informed at the same time through email. 
  • If I qualify for financial aid, will I be guaranteed the same amount every year that my child attends Sierra Canyon?

    All families must reapply for financial aid every year with updated information. Assuming a family continues to show the same demonstrated need, Sierra Canyon will strive to continue its financial aid to all students in good standing.

Financial Aid Team

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  • Photo of Kendall Pillsbury

    Kendall Pillsbury 

    Director of Financial Aid
    Ext. 1142
  • Photo of Richard Shapiro

    Richard Shapiro 

    Chief Financial and Operating Officer
    Ext. 1141

Important Dates for the Financial Aid Process

September 1, 2023 - Financial aid application for 2024-25 school year opens for applicants and returning families. SSS code: 4093
December 1, 2023 - Financial aid application deadline for returning families
January 12, 2024 - Financial aid application and all supporting materials deadline for applicant families
March 8, 2024 - Admission and financial aid decisions posted online
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